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In this cookie policy, you'll learn what data KNVRTED collects and what it is used for in most cases. Cookies are small, locally saved files used to store certain data when browsing sites.
This is no different when it comes to


Cookies are used to remember information. This includes login names, settings, preferences and so on. The upshot of this is that you don't have to constantly enter the same details every time you refresh or revisit a page.

Storing data also enables cookies to see what pages you visit on a website and use this in turn to optimize the site. 

KNVRTED doesn't run ads on, so no ad-tracking occurs.


Using cookies is safe and they are never used to retrieve sensitive personal information such as passwords. KNVRTED is lawfully allowed to store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for using

We ask for your permission when we may need to store other types of cookies like those used for analytical and marketing purposes.

You can delete any locally-stored cookies any time you want. Please consult the documentation of your browser or device to find out how. Note that a number of services will stop working if you delete them and you will need to log in again.

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