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Microcopy bundle for forms | NL | U | GW

Microcopy bundle for forms | NL | U | GW

49,00 €Price
Excluding Tax

Microcopy bundle for forms | NL | U | GW lets you welcome new customers with friendly, crystal-clear forms. Whether it's for your website, landing page or app - make contacting you as pro and seamless as it should be.

Good to know

The microcopy in this battle-tested product has been carefully prepared to advance users quickly through your forms. Every choice is deliberate, every single detail matters. Learn more about the history of this list in the backstory section.



What do you get?

The document has 82 form field labels with accompanying placeholder hint and error message written in a single style. That's 246 items you can just copy paste in all your forms and be done with it once and for all.



Form field categories included: name & age, email, business, site, numbers, physical address, contacts, signing in & up and legal. Check out the free sample below.



Free Microcopy bundle for forms | NL | U | GW sample

Label Placeholder hint Error message
Aanhef Kies uw gewenste aanhef

Verdergaan? Kies dan uw gewenste aanhef.



Product specs of Microcopy bundle for forms | NL | U | GW
More product details for you to peruse. Still got a questions or feedback? Get in touch



Language specs Language details
Serving language Dutch | NL
Leading pronoun u*
Writing format vousvoyeren ** 
Grammatical mood imperative | gebiedende wijs (GW) 


*2nd person singular, formal
**unlike English, Dutch has a T-V distinction



Document specs Document details
File type PDF
File format Dark-mode document
File elements tables, copy, images, URLs
Number of pages 9 (A4-size)




Copy specs Copy details
Copy type form labels, placeholder hints, error messages 
Total fields 82
Total items 246
Total words 1,375
Total characters 8,704
Total reading time 8m35s
Compatibility Suitable for a wide variety of B2B & B2C style guides & word lists



Known side-effects 

  • More sign ups
  • More business generated
  • More instances of positive UX
  • Less confused users
  • Less underwhelmed users
  • Less frustrated C-suite leaders


Allergy notices

Not suitable for companies that: 
- like to go nuts on all-caps formatting
- dislike their customers and want to keep shouting at them
- only want to do the bare minimum marketing work possible

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