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One-person marketing armies who need to scale content production pronto

Marketers in fast-growing startups & SMEs who need to upgrade production processes

Marketing, project & campaign managers in bigger SMEs & corporates who need to take back control


Because right now, you're hemorrhaging time & budget reinventing the marketing wheel for every single campaign.

We'll set up a foundational content production system that can be applied regardless of org size or tools.

It's like a neatly organized LEGO set but for B2B content production. Starting from €899.


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Ever get marketing FOMO? You know, when you check your socials and see plenty of chest-thumping posts and comments about the latest hype from others in the marketing bubble?

You'd think that every B2B marketing org - save yours - is killing it with demand gen, the latest storytelling techniques or some nifty growth strategy. 

They're seemingly doing all these things while you can hardly get the proverbial medium-sized white paper out the door.

But if you look more closely at the average B2B SaaS or tech company out there, that's not the case at all. Sure, some experiment with the latest trends if it fits their planning and budget. The very active ones are outliers. 

However, the reality is that most marketing orgs are understaffed and overworked.

They're mainly busy with the drama du jour and chasing targets with sales or management breathing down their necks.

Most companies would be happy to have the copy production basics right most of the time - let alone start fancy account-based marketing programs for a few personas on a random Thursday afternoon.  

And I know this all too well. I've worked for corporates, SMEs and startups: a messy marketing machine is the norm in all of them.

By basics, I mean things like organized learnings from proper customer research and standardized product messaging with mapped-out pains & benefits.  

And let's not forget word lists, a distinct tone of voice, implemented decision-making frameworks and a single set of tools that work best in your situation. They are the fundamental building blocks of converting content.

Marketing is always challenging without having these copy production basics in order - regardless of the setting. 

That's why getting the basics in order is such a game changer.

Example? Well, you could be the only remote marketing employee for a startup. Let's pick a nice place for today's solo juggling act. How about a coworking space in downtown Venice, Italy?

Armed with a laptop and double espresso you dive into the never-ending busywork around content production that won't go away - even if you get budget for expert hands.

The massive elephant-sized problem? Everything of import is stuck in your head. Creating briefs for others is always a pain and it's impossible to spot content gaps.

Another example? Sure! Let's say you're part of a 55-person marketing team occupying a sprawling office garden of a global HQ somewhere in Silicon Valley. 

Your team needs to weather regular reorgs, natural employee turnover, the latest in office politics and a small army of stakeholders that needs to approve budgets, projects and materials - deadlines (or reality) be damned.  And let's not forget the ever-present demands from sales for more leads.

In both situations you're hemorrhaging money.

It's impossible to get external creatives with the program - simply because there isn't one worth mentioning. 

And lets not forget the nightmare of onboarding new employees or inspiring others to use your guidelines.

And no, that run-of-the-mill branding_guide.pdf you toss in everybody's inboxes - a leftover from when some agency did a redesign - isn't helping either.

It says plenty about which colors or fonts to use. But it doesn't say anything remotely useful about your target audience or copy strategy for a conversion copywriter. 

Now, don't give me that I-don't-have-time-for-this look. 
The time it takes to structure and organize this in a system is nothing compared to all the time lost reinventing the marketing wheel for every new project - over and over and over again.   

What's the alternative? KNVRTED helps you by setting up a structured content production guide tailored to your org. One that's flexible enough to be applied to orgs of any size. Even better - it's tool-agnostic so you can distribute it as PDFs, online docs, or a site. 

This is a carefully crafted system I perfected over the years - both in-house and nowadays as a business owner for my customers.

After implementing it during my 5-year stint at Exact Software HQ, we managed to scale our global content production with leaps and bounds. 

We distributed it as a living document to the marketing, product marketing and sales teams so we could talk with a single voice for a sprawling, ever-changing set of complex B2B business software products. 

Did it work? How does YoY growth of Exact Online ARR between 2013-2016 from 30% to 60% sound?

And that's for a B2B company that had been
around since 1984 and was in constant
reorgs between 2010-12.

Setting up a scalable content production machine wasn't the only factor in this growth, but it definitely helped our branding, sanity and budgets. 

Think of your current marketing production basics as dozens of different lego sets. We'll sort everything by color & type and pre-build common pieces.

So when you need to produce something, you'll never have to start from scratch, you won't have to worry about commenting hell, your creatives know what's up and you know exactly what materials to produce for which personas.

By cutting out the busywork and providing deep insights into that mysterious marketing production machine, you'll definitely show your project managing skills to your current superiors and future employers. 


A conversion content production guide that anyone in any org can use.

It comes standard with a messaging matrix module per persona that maps out pains and ties them to product/service benefits. This is essential. The module is just €899 per persona.

It also includes a free DACI module. This is a tried-and-true decision-making framework that will help you eliminate commenting hell, improve relations within the project team drastically and speed up production considerably. 

You can add paid modules like structured microcopy or awareness phase guidance for the copy, it all depends on your situation. 

Up-to-date elements like word lists or design guidance can be integrated against a low integration fee of €99.  

I do all the necessary work and qualitative/quantitative research, like interviews and surveys. 



#1 You contact me with a Q. I'll check whether I can help you and follow up accordingly.

#2 If I can, I'll send you a scheduling link for a 15-min intro call. Here you can select your preferred time/date & software.

#3 Does a collab work for the both of us? If yes, we'll start with the project and I'll guide you through the last 3 steps of the onboarding. 


A copy-pasted template you could have googled yourself. This is custom work with loads of research done by yours truly.

No complex systems to learn or implement. It's not a software tool that IT has to approve.

No scary invoices in hindsight. We agree up front on a fixed price.




Henkjan knows the challenges of the
SMB & enterprise audiences by heart and understands the SaaS market thoroughly.

He always has an outside-in focus and gets what makes an impact, what resonates
and what converts.

Wendy Groenewegen | Lead Marketing Operations & Scrum Master |

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